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Cancellation of an apprenticeship or traineeship

Version 3.1
July 2015
Cancellation of an apprenticeship or traineeship (PDF, 221KB)

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A registered training contract may be cancelled either when the parties mutually agree, or in certain circumstances, by the Department of Education and Training or its agent.

Cancellation by all parties

Where the parties to the registered training contract agree to cancel the training contract, the ATF-034 Cancel a registered training contract (by all parties) form is completed, signed and forwarded to the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider or the department.

The employer, apprentice or trainee may withdraw their consent to cancel the training contract. To do so, they must notify their AASN provider or the department, in writing, so that it is received by their AASN provider or the department within seven days after their consent was given. If an apprentice or trainee decides to withdraw their consent, and they are under 18, a parent or guardian's signature is also required.

If a party withdraws their consent and it is received within the above timeframe, the application for cancellation is withdrawn and the training contract remains active.

If a withdrawal of consent is not received, the cancellation will take affect and written notification will be sent to all parties.

Where cancellation occurs and a training contract has not been completed and signed, it is advisable that the parties contact their AASN provider or the department for further advice.

In some circumstances, parties may wish to consider a transfer or suspension of the training contract as an alternative to cancellation. The ATIS-046 Transfer of a registered training contract - permanent or temporary and ATIS-047 Suspension of a registered training contract information sheets provide further details.

Cancellation by the department or its agent

The department may propose to cancel a registered training contract if advised of any of the following:

An agent of the department may cancel a training contract in limited circumstances.


The myApprenticeship self-service website allows apprentices and trainees to securely view details and initiate various tasks, such as cancellation, relating to their apprenticeship or traineeship.

Visit to get started.

For further information

Phone the AASN provider or Apprenticeships Info on 1800 210 210 regarding the cancellation of the contract. If cancellation is being considered due to a communication breakdown or behavioural issue, the department may be able to help the parties to resolve their differences and continue the training.

Apprentice or trainees, who feel they have been unfairly dismissed, should seek assistance from the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94.

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