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All forms relating to apprenticeships and traineeships are available to view or download below. Once a form has been completed, it can be forwarded to the Training Queensland district office closest to the employer's workplace address. Find Your Local Training Queensland office (PDF, 1.5MB) here.

Updates to forms

Want to find out what changes were made to a new version of an Apprenticeships Info form? Click here for version change updates.

A | CE | M | NPS | T | Travel and accommodation forms | Bulk notification forms - please use ATF-010 Change of supervising registered training organisation and ATF-028 Notification of change of qualification.

Form Details Version Details PDF DOC
ATF-035 Amendment of a registered training contract
Used to apply to amend the apprenticeship or traineeship training contract. Examples of major amendments include changes to:
  • the start date of the apprenticeship or traineeship
  • employment status - e.g. from part-time or school-based to full-time arrangements
  • the qualification to another in a different industry/training package
  • the qualification level - e.g. from Certificate II in Retail Operations to Certificate III in Retail Operations
  • date of birth - where date of birth impacts on legislated age restrictions
  • change of the employer's legal name.

Version 1, February 2015

PDF, 130KB DOC, 262KB
ATF-042 Application to revoke declaration as a prohibited employer
A form used by employers who have been declared as a prohibited employer under the Further Education and Training Act 2014, to apply to the department to revoke this declaration.
Version 1, February 2015 PDF, 116KB DOC, 232KB
ATF-008 Authority to release information to a third party
Apprentices and trainees may use this form to advise the department to release information to a third party person.
Version 3.1, February 2015 PDF, 127KB DOC, 250KB
ATF-034 Cancel a registered training contract (by all parties)
Used to apply to cancel the training contract of an apprenticeship or traineeship where both parties mutually agree.
Version 1, February 2015 PDF, 135KB DOC, 250KB
ATF-010 Change of supervising registered training organisation
Used to notify a change of the supervising registered training organisation for one or multiple apprentices and/or trainees.
Version 10, February 2015 PDF, 138KB DOC, 267KB
ATF-011 Completion agreement
This form must be completed by the employer, apprentice or trainee and supervising registered training organisation to advise when an apprentice or trainee has achieved all competencies required in their training plan and a qualification has been issued by the training organisation.
Version 9, February 2015 PDF, 106KB DOC, 255KB

ATF-023 Education, Training and Employment Schedule for school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATs)
A schedule of education, training and employment must be negotiated between all parties of a school-based training contract to demonstrate that the school-based apprentice/trainee is participating in work and/or/training as part of their school timetable/curriculum. This form is used by the Independent and Catholic schooling sectors and may be used by other schooling sectors but is not mandatory.

Version 9.1, February 2015 PDF, 192KB DOC, 296KB
ATF-013 Employer resource assessment
This form is completed and retained by the training organisation to verify that the employer of an apprentice or trainee is able to provide, or arrange to provide, the facilities, range of work, supervision and training required under the apprentice or trainee's training plan. Includes special arrangements for the Community Care and Swimming Pool/Spa industries.
Version 7.1, February 2015 PDF, 193KB DOC, 351KB
ATF-014 Extension of nominal term of a registered training contract
May be used to apply to extend the nominal term (end date) of the training contract.
Version 5, February 2015 PDF, 121KB DOC, 244KB

ATF-036 Extension of probationary period
Application to extend the probationary period of an apprenticeship or traineeship. The application must be made at least 14 days before the original probationary period expires.

Version 1, February 2015 PDF, 119KB DOC, 232KB

ATF-017 Minor amendment
Used to notify of a minor amendment to the apprenticeship or traineeship training contract. Examples of minor amendments include:

  • change of apprentice or trainee's name - e.g. through marriage or by deed poll (documentary proof of change is required)
  • change of a party's address
  • change of an employer's trading name
  • correction of a typographical error in a party's name or address.

A change of qualification due to the current qualification being superseded - please use ATF-028 Notification of change of qualification form.

Version 7, February 2015 PDF, 123KB DOC, 246KB
ATF-033 Notice of intent to complete
This form can be used by the training organisation if they are reasonably satisfied that the apprentice or trainee has completed their apprenticeship or traineeship, but either the apprentice or trainee or employer has refused or neglected to sign the completion agreement.
Version 1, February 2015 PDF, 128KB DOC, 234KB
ATF-041 Notification of change of ownership/sale of business
Used to notify of a sale of employer's business, dissolution of an employer's partnership or a change in employer's legal name.
Version 1, February 2015 PDF, 136KB DOC, 255KB
ATF-028 Notification of change of qualification
Used to notify a change of qualification for one or multiple apprentices and/or trainees - where the current qualification has been superseded.
Version 4, May 2015 PDF, 134KB DOC, 252KB
ATF-043 Notification that employment has ceased
A form used by employers to notify when the employment of an apprentice or trainee has ceased.

NOTE: This form is not required if both parties have agreed to cancel the training contract and have signed ATF-034 Cancel a registered training contract (by all parties) form.
Version 1.1, April 2015 PDF, 127KB DOC, 224KB
ATF-039 Permanent transfer of a registered training contract
This form is used to apply for a permanent transfer from one employer to another.
Version 2,February 2015 PDF, 178KB DOC, 307KB
ATF-040 School-based apprentices - Notification of days worked
A form to be used by school-based apprentices to notify the department of a discrepancy in the number of days worked that has been calculated by the department. The number of days worked must be accurate to ensure correct allocation of QCE credits.
Version 1, February 2015 PDF, 111KB DOC, 246KB
ATF-037 Suspension of a registered training contract
This form is used to apply to temporarily suspend the training contract for reasons such as seasonal employment, long term illness or injury and maternity/paternity arrangements.
Version 2, February 2015 PDF, 125KB DOC, 247KB
ATF-038 Temporary transfer of a registered training contract
This form is used to notify of a temporary transfer of a training contract from one employer to another. It is only necessary when the new employer is taking on all the obligations relating to the training contract.
Version 1, February 2015 PDF, 123KB DOC, 234KB

ATF-015 Training assistance for cancelled apprentices and trainees
This form is used by apprentices and trainees whose training contracts have been cancelled, and who wish to apply for government funding to continue training in the same qualification with their training organisation.

Version 11, February 2015 PDF, 139KB DOC, 281KB
ATF-044 Training contract
Information about the training contract which is required to be signed by the employer and apprentice or trainee at the commencement of an apprenticeship or traineeship.
  PDF, 117KB  

Travel and accommodation forms

Important note to Training Organisations: When handing out travel and accommodation claim forms, please ensure you provide all pages of the claim form to the apprentice/trainee as they must read the 'Conditions of Travel and Accommodation Subsidies' prior to signing their claim form.

Form details - Travel and accommodation Version details PDF DOC
ATF-022 Land travel and accommodation claim form - apprentice and trainee (not for school-based)
Used by apprentices and trainees to claim travel and accommodation subsidies when attending off-the-job training with their training organisation. To be eligible, the distance travelled must be more than 100 kilometres return and the claim must be submitted within 6 months of the completion of the training period, This subsidy is not available to school-based apprentices and trainees - contact your school to find out about subsidies available.
Version 5.1, February 2015 PDF, 244KB DOC, 498KB
ATF-004 Air travel application for apprentices and trainees (not for school-based)
Apprentices and trainees should use this form in order to attend off-the-job training at their training organisation only if they meet either of the following criteria:
  • resides in Cape York Peninsula or the Islands of the Torres Strait
  • is required to travel 1400 kilometres or more (return) to the location of their training organisation.
Version 7.1, February 2015 PDF, 118KB

DOC, 277KB

This page was last updated at 11-May-2015
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