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The training contract

A training contract is used to register the apprenticeship or traineeship and legally binds you and your apprentice or trainee for the term of the apprenticeship or traineeship. As it is a legal document, make sure you understand and check the information on it before you sign it.

The training contract must be completed and signed with 14 days of the agreed commencement date of the apprenticeship or traineeship and given to your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider within 28 days of the commencement date.

Read the ATIS-027 Training contract and commencement information sheet.

Parent or guardian requirements

If your apprentice or trainee is under 18 years of age and under the care and control of a parent or legal guardian, their parent or guardian must provide signed consent to the apprenticeship or traineeship.

Read the ATIS-020 Parent or guardian responsibilities information sheet.

Nominal term of training contract

The training contract, as a legal document, has a start date and a nominal term. Nominal terms have been set in the department's consultation with the particular industry.

Read the ATIS-019 Length of apprenticeships and traineeships information sheet.

Making changes to the training contract
Details of how to extend the training contract, make amendments, change the supervising registered training organisation and what to do if your business is sold, partnership is dissolved or business is slow.

Completing or cancelling the training contract
Details on completing the training contract, and what happens if the training contract is to be cancelled.

This page was last updated at 01-July-2015
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