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Employing apprentices and trainees from under represented groups

A diverse workplace creates an environment in which skills, perspectives and backgrounds are valued. There are programs and services that will assist you in recruiting and employing apprentices and trainees from groups such as Indigenous Australians, mature-aged jobseekers, people from a non-English speaking background and people with a disability.

Recruiting Indigenous Australians

Indigenous employees bring cultural diversity and awareness into your workplace.

Job Services Australia
Focused on helping your business meet its recruitment needs by providing a wide pool of resources and job seekers to draw upon.

Recruiting mature-aged jobseekers

There are many benefits to employing a mature-aged apprentice or trainee. You can add value to your company with their experience, work ethic, maturity, motivation and loyalty.

Australian Apprenticeships - Employer Incentives
For information on incentives for employers who employ apprentices.

Preparing your business for an ageing workforce
Information on mature-aged employment.

Recruiting people from a non-English speaking background

Workplaces are encouraged to value people for their diverse cultures, experiences, knowledge and abilities. Employees from a non-English speaking background make significant contributions to the workplace.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship's database to match Australian employers with skilled migrants.

Recruiting people with a disability

Like all employees, people with a disability bring a range of skills, talents and abilities to the workplace, working in all sorts of jobs and obtaining trade qualifications.

Disability Employment Australia
Australia's Disability Employment Service providers can help find the right person, prepare your workplace and be an ongoing source of advice and assistance wherever you are located.

Disability Employment Services
Provides help to employers of people with a disability including access to financial help and support.

The Workplace Adjustment Tool
A searchable database of products and solutions that can remove barriers in the workplace for people with a disability.

Employment Assistance Fund
There is help available to pay for the cost of workplace adjustments or solutions if they are needed to accommodate a worker with a disability.

Auslan interpreting and co-worker training
Funding for Auslan interpreting services in the workplace.

The Disabled Apprenticeship Wage Support Program
Information on incentives for employers who employ persons with a disability.

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