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Training plan and record

Training plan

You, your employer, and your training organisation need to develop a training plan for your apprenticeship or traineeship.

This training plan outlines:

Your training plan must include details of training delivered off-the-job. This is training that takes place outside of your normal work duties.

More information can be found on the ATIS-040 Training plan and training record information sheet.

Training record

Within 14 days of the training plan being finalised, your training organisation will give you a training record. A training record can be in the form of a book, on CD-ROM, or in another format. It will be used to record when you achieve the competencies outlined in your training plan.

You are responsible for looking after your training record. As each new skill is learned, your employer and your training organisation should complete the relevant section.

This training record belongs to you and can be used to:

Your training record must be regularly updated and signed by your employer and your training organisation (at least every three months).

This page was last updated at 28-October-2014
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