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Become an apprentice or trainee

Are you eligible to do an apprenticeship or traineeship?
Find out if you are eligible to do an apprenticeship or traineeship, and how you can receive credit and recognition of prior learning.

Types of apprenticeships and traineeships
Types include full-time, part-time and school-based. Apprentices and trainees can also be employed by a Group Training Organisation. Information about Queensland Government traineeships is also available.

Four steps to get started in your apprenticeship or traineeship
Follow these steps to get started in your chosen apprenticeship or traineeship. Also includes tips for finding an employer.

Words you need to know
Explanation of some common terms used in apprenticeships and traineeships.

Who's who in apprenticeships and traineeships
Explains who does what in apprenticeships and traineeships.

This page was last updated at 28-October-2014
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